Rzeno is story Based NFT Project building utility focused anime art & gamefi platform On Polygon Ecosystem

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Rzeno the land of magitek

Rzeno is building a community-driven utility focused anime art builder & gamefi platform. We aim to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 through Our gamification, captivating content, stories & art.

We wil deliver on this vision by granting holders the power of on-chain voting and proposal submission

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roadmap

In first phase following section will be cover( Social media creation, Twitter and discord live, Roadmap & whitepaper live, Website creation).

In second phase we will onboard collaboration with different projects , Whitelist slot giving, Minting & Revealing of Rzeno NFT collection will happen.

In third phase Holder of Rzeno Nft holder stake there nft collection in smart contract to get platform token. Staking will be insurance type we will share about it in docs.

In this phase we setup Dao & Governance mechanism so every Nft holder can vote on proposal for upcoming utilities, product and events.

In this phase we start developing Game and ai anime game art generator which convert Our platform nfts into gaming assets and crosschian nft marketplace.

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Founder ZenoUsman

Software engineer & programmer currently working as software engineer at HCl singapore company and founder of Reznolabs


Rovan Artist & Invester

2d animator and artist working as freelance artist also he is building own animation studio.


David Developer

Bacdend developer and programmer currently working with room gpt ai and Rzenolabs.


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